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Anderson interviewed Shawn Hornbeck today on his show and prefaced the interview by saying he is not allowed to ask him anything about the kidnapping or what happened. It's been 6 years since he's been found and he's still not ready to talk about it? When I heard this story, I asked myself, "why didnt the kid just lie and say 'sure, I'll tell them I ran away' or whatever the guy wanted to hear? In 2006, Shawn and Tony were stopped by local police for riding their bikes after curfew, and escorted back to the apartment complex. Kelly also remembers one day when they were watching TV and a news report about Shawn flashed on the screen. He didn't frown, he didn't do anything."When Kelly asked him if that was him, she says Shawn "laughed and he said 'no' and then he said 'whatever' - just the typical teenager-type talk."So why didn't Shawn speak up? A younger victim, who has not had a chance yet to sort out his sexuality may wonder about what happened. He doesn't need the world visualizing what he went through. It's also been pretty clearly implied that he had a hand in kidnapping/abusing the younger victim.[quote]Something just doesn't add up.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...However good his intentions, he drops off my radar screen and I'm just about to close the door on him.Match Doctor, IMHO, exists mainly as an advertisement base.Matthew Rush = Greg Grove He is on Facebook with that name.I enjoy watching Matthew/Greg in the "making of videos" accompanying his films; there is a sweetness about him. Anyway having watched the interview with Rush within the making of special on the newly-released "Chi-Chi La Rue's Playing With Fire" dvd, I also realized last night "off-screen" he comes across as the gayest ornament on the Christmas Tree. Jean Val Jean real name is Emmanuel Del Cour (Currently a contestant on a cooking show)Leo Giamani's real name is Rob Foresta. By the way, how many pron stars have used their real names? Don't know the real name so I can't get any details on his weird death accept from Dink Flamingo whom I don't trust.

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This is silly, but i was wondering if their is a site for people to connect who: a) Look like each other, or has the look you want. find someone who looks like they could be your sister or mother b) Is willing to role play incest games ie.

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