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My story starts 25 years ago, with a trip to the hospital and a stay.

But for those who are chronically ill, sometimes dating and relationships end up being much more draining, both emotionally and physically.

Its algorithm is focused on worker compensation claims that typically involve injury or pain affecting the shoulder, back and knees.

Travelers said 80 percent of injuries are strains, sprains, dislocations and fractures, with an equivalent proportion caused by lifting, pushing, pulling and slips and falls.

In some cases surgery is avoided to help ensure a safe recovery without the prolonged use of opioids.

Surgeries for Travelers’ workers’ comp cases have fallen by 25 percent since January 2016, the insurer said.

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  1. However, considering a friend of mine recently went out with someone who, despite having a good career, admitted he liked eating at homeless shelters to “save money” - the idea of “dating up” doesn’t seem so ludicrous after all.

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