Consolidating school distircts

On January 26, 2017 the Board of Trustees adopted a Resolution Affirming Support of Students & Families Regarding Immigration Enforcement Actions at Schools in order to stand behind a strong unified message to ensure our schools are safe havens for students. Lyle Larson, R-San Antonio, has introduced a bill to allow city-county government mergers in Texas.

The state’s 19 districts, three of which are vocational range in size from 16,000 students in Red Clay to 1,200 in Polytech.

On occasion, state officials have formally proposed merging districts to save money.

Over the last few years, SAU 39 has been developing and implementing a long-range strategic plan for our three districts.

Most school districts in Bexar County operate reasonably efficiently and have great school boards that work well with their superintendents. Even if we stop short of mega school districts, Bexar County needs a more reasonable number of them.

Cosponsored Forum: Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Education Law Center (ELC) Consolidation of New Jersey’s more than 590 school districts, while challenging, could increase equity and educational outcomes and potentially yield economic benefits to the state.

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One frequently proposed policy is to consolidate rural school districts in order to save money by obtaining economies of size.

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