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For example, Toss games have become far more popular since Kitten Cannon!

, and Rhythm games have also become more common since 2005, due to both the rising popularity of music games on home consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and the increase of file size limits, allowing for more music to be placed in a game.

Flash Authors can pick from one of dozens of genres and subgenres when submitting their work.

As important as it was, the plug-in became known as a buggy, memory-hogging security risk. Two decades later, the site is still going strong, though it’s a bit past its heyday, and is actively looking toward a future without Flash.

Tom Fulp, the site’s 39-year-old founder, took some time to explain how the site has been preparing for the end of Flash for a while, and what comes next. How would you describe it to someone who might not know about the site?

The website increased in popularity in the summer of 1996 after Fulp created the games "Club a Seal" and "Assassin".

In 1997, Fulp created the games "Club a Seal II" and "Assassin II," and decided that he wanted a new place to host these games.

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