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Let’s take look back into Rihanna’s dating history after the jump.Beyoncé collaborated with a Jay Z protege Amil when she was 18, in 2000, but speculation that she and Jay Z were in a relationship heated up in 2002, when she appeared on his single "03 Bonnie and Clyde." The two collaborated again on Beyoncé's 2003 hit "Crazy in Love," and appeared together in public a bunch, but rarely discussed the relationship.The Beyhive is also suspicious of Rita Ora and Rachel Roy.But both women denied this week that they are "Becky with the good hair" mentioned in 'Lemonade.' Did Jay Z cheat on Beyoncé with Rihanna, Rita Ora, Mya, Rachel Roy or none of the above?It just looked like a "J" because the camera image was flipped.Jay Z, his wife Beyonce, and his music mentee, Rihanna, were famously entangled in a love triangle.Ora previously wore the lemon bra before Beyonce's album drop.

So fans are wondering if Jay Z cheated on Beyonce with Ri Ri.Randy Taraborrelli wrote in his recent tell-all, According to the author, the longtime couple even got into a blowout fight at his New York City club, 40/40, over his stunning protégé. In 2014, Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister, Solange, got into their notorious spat in an elevator reportedly when the subject of Rihanna came up.Drake and Rihanna's power couple romance may have fizzled last summer, but it looks like Drake is tending to the embers.On June 30th, Jay Z releases his much-anticipated 13th studio album, .This was around the time when Rihanna (then 17-year-old girl) was signed by Jay Z and released her first single "Pon de Replay." Tamborrelli also gave his side of the story behind the notorious elevator row between Beyonce's sister Solange and Jay Z. However, he stated that he thinks that only people that know for sure what happened that night are the ones who were in the elevator: Beyonce, her sister Solange, Jay Z and the bodyguard.

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