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Not that these are mutually exclusive descriptions, though.

Tired of robbing the penniless peasants, these Ronin bands often gravitated towards more affluent cities, where they sought employment as hired muscle.

Yutaro is convinced that he is responsible for Yuki's lack of conscience.

On the fateful night, Yutaro stumbled and Yuki came back to save him - only to get dosed by the gas.

In anime, Hot Springs Episodes and Beach Episodes often turn out to be busman's holidays, especially if the show in question happens to be an action show.

If a character doesn't do the job as a calling, but finds trouble anyway, they're probably a Mystery Magnet.

The term refers solely to the members of crime organizations, not to the organizations themselves, which may take many different names.

Of course, all bets are off when this trope is mixed with the Boys Love or Ho Yay, which is certainly not all that rare; in fact, the biggest Played for Laughs examples tend to come from this field.There they mingled with and frequently joined local urban self-defense groups and mutual aid societies, and this is where their claim of the service to society comes from.The fact that these groups were often indistinguishable from criminal gangs is usually blissfully ignored.In the mid-1800s, All but the sinking are directly attributable to climate change, a consequence of human pollution. But what is truly astonishing about this conversation — the part that is breath-stopping, jaw-dropping, vertigo-inducing, stupefying — is not the consummate ignorance of the President, with which we are all now familiar, but of the Mayor, who agrees with Trump that there is nothing to worry about because there is no such thing as climate change, and the consequent rising of the seas.All of this has been known, confirmed and re-checked for many years now, so it is perhaps not surprising that a President who has not shown himself to be especially up-to-date on the problems of the real world would be moved, on learning of the island’s predicament, to reach out. “I’m out there on the water every day,” says Ooker, “and I don’t see it.” , also in the Chesapeake Bay, from an identical onslaught by rising tides, a struggle complicated by the fact that the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of Deal Island, just like those who live on Tangier Island — had assembled the passengers, formed them up on the tilting deck, up to their asses in water on the silent, motionless, burbling ship and said, “Don’t you worry about a thing.

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