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Profile formats can make it difficult to easily disclose your disability, and many people fear they’ll be passed over if they do.

Glimmer is trying to provide an alternative by creating a more inclusive, transparent environment.

If the world views you as different please join us. **NO SHOW POLICY** The organizers spend many hours of their time researching, organizing, and hosting events.

We will have Meetups inside the perimeter and near Perimeter Mall. Sometimes, the organizers even use their own resources to reserve spaces and times for the group.

The app, which launched this month, is for anyone — not just those with disabilities.

Their promise is to "Go beyond just looks and connect users based on shared interests and lifestyles." One of the ways they do this is to provide an easy way to add your disability to your profile.

Here you could experience a more easy going social experience Theses are just a few examples of the types of people that may want to join us.

This is an environment for people with disabilities to meet & mingle in a warm environment. I am a dating coach & matchmaker and look forward to facilitating people with disabilities.

If you feel negative about your disability, or having a hard time believing that someone could fall for you without you being able to do all the things that most other people can do, it’s not online dating you need, it’s a counsellor.

meets Pankaj as he heads to a matchmaking event in Mumbai, where he hope he’ll find his soul mate.

The event is the brainchild of businesswoman Sushmeetha Bubna, the founder of Voice Vision, an organisation that aims to empower people with visual impairments. She’s expecting around 100 single people to turn up – all of them there to find love. A lot of thought has gone into the layout of the room.

You have a good job, no too-weird habits, and you have a lot to offer a guy.

You just don’t seem to have much luck meeting them, and when you do meet them, they are instantly put off by the fact that you are deaf.

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Indian man Pankaj Gaikwad is 28, works at the tax office, and is a Taylor Swift fan. For him, this has been a constant barrier to finding a partner.

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