Pros and cons of dating younger women

In the past, people with varying ages and living together were frowned upon, but nowadays nobody blinks an eye.That’s the same thing with older women dating younger men.Added to this, the younger one's parents will probably be getting bit rocky, too, and he or she might end up with three oldies to look after, as well as teenage children, a bit much for anyone, particularly if the carer is a woman who's going through the menopause as well.It's one thing to marry a father figure who takes care of you, but it's another to end up with a dribbling, cranky old wreck who you have to look after.One would wonder why a man would date an older woman.From the beginning of time men have always been on the lookout for younger women because they are more sexually appealing.One of the major advice for the older women is that no one should make them uncomfortable; chances are that they will meet people of their own age and tell them the negative effects of the young men; consequently, if they feel comfortable in dating the younger men then no one should dissuade them.The older women should know that they have unique qualities which make them fascinated to the younger men.

Now if you see, older women happen to be more mature, financially secure, better lovers and usually less nagging.

She allows him to feel wanted, desired and young again.

He can see the world from a whole new point of view and experience long forgotten things and rediscover talents and dreams he had when he was young.

For a start, if Rosemary's going to have children, their father will be the oldest dad in the playground, and by the time they're in their teens he'll be in his seventies.

There's also the problem of an older partner going gaga, as my grandmother used so graphically to put it, and the poor wretched younger one having to play nurse for years in his or her old age.

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"IF they say I'm too old for you, Then I shall answer `Why, sir, one never drinks the wine that's new, the old wine tastes much nicer!

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