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A writer who renders the brutal actions of men in excruciating detail, seldom applying the anesthetic of psychology, Mc Carthy would much rather orate than confide.

M., because the hermitic author, who may be the best unknown novelist in America, wants to steer conversation away from himself, and he seems to think that a story about a recent trip he took near the Texas-Mexico border will offer some camouflage.

"The only thing I had seen that answered that description was a grizzly bear in Alaska.

The ex-wife of the celebrated author Cormac Mc Carthy was arrested for threatening her boyfriend with a gun she pulled out of her vagina after an argument about extra-terrestrial life.

Wester, archbishop of Santa Fe, wrote to Church leaders and parishioners, warning them the film might trigger “horrific memories that continue to haunt and disturb” New Mexico victims and urging them to reach out to those who have been abused by clergy.One Jenny Mc Carthy (not this Jenny Mc Carthy, but rather, the ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Cormac Mc Carthy) has been arrested on charges of aggravated assault following a “domestic dispute over space aliens,” during which she allegedly “pointed a silver handgun at her boyfriend,” the silver handgun being “a weapon she retrieved from her vagina.” So reports The Smoking Gun.Just stay with that sentence for a minute: “Space Aliens.” “Handgun.” From her vagina.” “Cormac Mc Carthy.” Best Mad Libs sequence ever? According to police reports, this Jenny Mc Carthy, a New Mexico painter and sculptor who creates “outsider art” (is it still outsider art if the artist herself says so?“The more written about the abuse, the better,” Kiely said.“As far as the victims are concerned, they’ve already been victimized.”Thinking of his own devout Catholic family, Kiely said, “There will be a certain group that always thinks the Church is right and this is just propaganda against God.

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