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These time limits do not apply to claims under the Equal Pay Act, because under that Act persons do not have to first file a charge with EEOC in order to have the right to go to court.However, since many EPA claims also raise Title VII sex discrimination issues, it may be advisable to file charges under both laws within the time limits indicated.Also, people look for sex therapy as a means to resolve conflicts surrounding sex life, or for improving communication during sex.Sex therapy can benefit not only couples, but singles, parents, kids, and families.""As a certified sex therapist I am dedicated to working with sexual concerns.Please be aware that reporting alleged violations of Title IX and other laws mentioned above to certain non-counseling personnel can trigger mandatory reporting requirements.

These time limits are 6 months in the State of Ohio and 180 days in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We’re pretty down-to-earth here – heck, the city itself is named after Cincinnatus, a Greek guy who could have been a dictator but preferred to be a farmer – but don’t let the Midwestern sensibilities fool you into thinking Cincy is boring.

It’s actually a lot more diverse than many other Midwestern cities, and has quite rich history, architecture, and art scenes.

Cincinnati has a lot of your standard Midwestern city things: good beer, fall, and old beautiful houses, but it also has many unique things.

So many that Claire and I had a really tough time narrowing this guide down to what we think are Cincinnati’s greatest hits.

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