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Step 3: An Edit Links, dialog box, will open, which will show you all the links present on your current sheet. Step 4: The moment you click on the link that you want to delete, all the buttons to the right-hand side of the window will get activated like, Update Values, Change Source, Open Source, Break Link, Check Status. It informs that if you break the links the formula and external references will convert to the existing value of the cell.

As the intention of this article is to break links so that we will go with Break Links. Once you break link it can not be undone, so if you want, save a version of the file with a new name. Step 6: Remember in step 1 when the cell “Garry Lopase” was selected it shows the source/link/formula in the formula bar.

It is dependent on the information in the other workbook.

The source workbook contains the information used in the dependent workbook.

The worksheets do not have to be in the same workbook.

In this article, we are going to learn how to link and consolidate worksheets.

Consolidating means to combine or summarize data from two or more worksheets.Step 2: Go to the Data tab, there you have a Connections group.Among the buttons present in the Connection, group click on Edit Links button.By doing this, your Word document will be updated whenever the Excel file is modified and stay current with any changes.A snapshot of the Excel file containing the spreadsheet and chart will be embedded in your document and it should now look like the following: If you want the Excel spreadsheet and chart to update in your Word document whenever a change is made to the Excel file, you can insert the Excel file using linking and embedding.

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Whenever you link workbooks, you make it so that one workbook is dependent on the other.

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